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Family is, and always should be, the Number One Priority.  At 91 AVIATION, we strive to provide our flight crews a quality of life that is unparalleled in the aviation community, while we take the best possible care of you and your family.

While traveling is of course part of the job, we feel that there is no amount of money worth missing a child's birthday, a special anniversary, or an important family event.  Missing that is time you can not ever get back.  We make it a priority to make sure our flight crews are home for these special times by using a qualified, vetted, and trusted pool of contract pilots to fill in as needed to ensure continued crew coverage for your aircraft. 

This policy is only one example of how we are planning on having the highest pilot retention rate in the industry.  This directly translates to cost savings to the Aircraft Owner by stopping the "Revolving Door of Pilots" commonly associated with Part 135 Management Companies.  Our goal is not to just provide jobs, but careers.

You will not find a more honest company to deal with.   Good news, or bad, we will always put it out on the table.  Our policy is not to hold any information back so we can help you make an informed, timely, and educated decision.


All costs are itemized so you know exactly what everything costs.  We do not lump expenses into an "easy one payment number" where true individual costs can be hidden from the owner.  Everything we do is as upfront and transparent to you.


Nothing gets done in this industry with a solo effort.  Having a cohesive team to lean on and provide mutual support is the key to the success of almost any venture.   At 91 Aviation, team work is the key to our success.  We look forward to having you on our team, to provide an experience second to none for both the Aircraft Owner and your dedicated Flight Crews.

Our corporate philosophy stems from two things.  A love of Aviation, and some wise words from some remarkable people. Check some out below, and we hope these words will inspire you as much as they have us.  

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