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Your Honest and Trusted Partner for Aircraft Management Services


Our job is not over when the contract is signed, it's just beginning.  We are here as much, or as little, as you would like us to be.  Our goal is to be your partner in this aviation adventure, somebody you can always count on to tell you the truth and provide the tailored support you need for us to succeed together.



Whether you already own, or would like to own, a private aircraft, we have the expertise and resources available to help guide you succesffully in the direction that is best for YOU.  If you already own an aircraft, we can audit your current situation and help determine how we can be most beneficial to your operation.


We provide Exclusive, Part 91 Only, Private Aircraft Management. Free from many of the extra expenses, constraints, and headaches that can come from a Part 135 Management Company, we won't lose you in the mix. Our focus is not diverted from you to a revenue producing Part 135 Charter Fleet.  

What makes 91 Aviation different than other management companies?

We Just Do The Right Thing

Download our Promises and Services Letter HERE

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